We're relocating!! Join us Summer 2024 at our location near Lima and Wallen Road!!


Welcome to Magnolia Montessori, a nurturing early childhood learning community dedicated to providing individualized Montessori education for children aged 18 months to 6 years old. Additionally, we proudly offer a small elementary community at our school. 

In our specially designed environment, children learn at their own pace, guided by attentive staff and enriched with carefully prepared materials tailored to their developmental stage. Led by a Masters-degree, state-licensed educator with an AMI Primary Montessori Certification, our approach is personalized to meet each child's unique needs.

At Magnolia Montessori, our mission is to create an educational atmosphere centered around the child. We empower young learners to embrace challenges, engage in independent activities, and cultivate concentration skills. Our goal is to foster a child-led community where adults provide guidance as needed, nurturing a love for learning and exploration. 

Specialized. Individualized. Micro-school. 

Magnolia Montessori is where every child's potential is nurtured and celebrated.