A mixed age classroom, allowing children to develop leadership skills while also fostering a strong sense of community. 

An experienced Masters-degreed, state licensed teacher who is AMI Primary Montessori Trained

Montessori materials scientifically designed specifically for your child's development

A 3-hour work cycle, allowing your child uninterrupted time to concentrate on the works that speak to their needs



Social ~ A spirit of compassion, empathy, respect, and helpfulness are fostered throughout the community by lessons on grace and courtesy and through staff trained in Positive Discipline.

Emotional ~ Children experience self-respect, pride, and a sense of competence as they master lessons they were given, make choices, have a voice in the class, contribute to the community, and practice effective communication.

Physical ~ Children develop and refine large and small motor control, strength, coordination, sensory integration, sensory discrimination, organization, motor planning, and language skills.

Intellectual ~ Carefully prepared and presented lessons in language, math, art, geography, art, music, self care, sensory discrimination, and care of the environment.


Academic Studies

A child who completes the full Primary level will generally be able to:

~ Add, subtract, multiply, and divide into the thousands using decimal bead material

~ Memorize simple math facts

~ Read phonetically

~ Writes phrases in cursive/script

~ Understand the concepts of earth, water, continents, and countries

~ Classify animals and plants

~ Use an extensive vocabulary for botany, biology, and cultural concepts

~ Have an appreciation for art and be familiar with a broad range of art media

~ Enjoy songs and the exploration of music

Only through freedom and environmental experience is it practically possible for human development to occur. - Maria Montessori